midi gate linked to which plugin?


I wolud like to link connection from Midi Gate to Mixer but ican’t?(which color link?) Is it normal? It is for hear a sound played by an controler midi

Can you send me picture to show me the good connection from midi gate to which module to hear sound played by midi controler?


the default patch that comes up when you launch VCV is an excellent example of a typical simple patch that plays notes.

no ! none of the patches installed by default recognize my external midi keyboard, only Midi Gate recognizes it

Unless you can get midi-cv to recognize your keyboard you might as well give up.

There are two steps needed to get the MIDI-CV module in the default patch to recognize your external midi keyboard. First, you have to change the top setting from “Computer Keyboard” to your MIDI driver (in the case of MacOS, it’s Core MIDI):

Next, select your device in the second setting:

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thanks ! Now my midi controller keyboard works with MIDI-CV I don’t need MIDI GATE