MIDI File Format?

Hey there fellows, does anybody know a comprehensive source regarding the .MID/SMF file format? Google sent me to the same old same old pages whitch bother with MIDI signals and stuff but has been like shrug when it comes to the precise way to interpret a .MID file.

Thanks, folks, and greetings from the country that a few hours ago chosed the word “smash” as the so called “youth-word of the year”… oO ^^

Here is one reference.



This is comprehensive, and you are grand :open_hands: Thank you so much! :love_letter:

You are welcome. MID files are binary, so it takes some programming effort to be able to read them, or the use of a MIDI file library. Good luck.

As far as I know, the so-called standard isn’t quite standardized at all, but heck, why mowing a lawn again that’s already done like with a razor blade ^^ ’

Someone more up to date can probably shed more light on this than me, but in my experiences of developing MIDI apps back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, MIDI was farily well standardized. But, there are multiple MIDI file formats.

MIDI file is reasonably standardized, but it is a lot of work to read it and write it, as you say. I think everyone who has implemented it in VCV uses someone else’s code to do it. I do, although there was a limitation in the library I was using and I had to modify it slightly.

But you can do it yourself if you really want to. I did in the 80’s.

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Yep, that is what I did also.

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