MIDI Device labels

I’m just doing some fiddling with MIDI plugins. I get confused as to what the extra “VCV Rack…” inputs are at the bottom of the device list. How do you identify which specific plugins they refer to?



I’ve never seen this before, but is there no one out there who can say anything about it? I’ve been on the forum for many years and usually every question has a solution or at least an explanation.

It looks to me like you have some sort of virtual MIDI router software installed, “Midi-Bridge”, and using that automatically is mapped/created a virtual MIDI device for Rack MIDI input/output. You either created this manually or the software did it for you. You can’t use those two for anything useful inside Rack itself, unless you want to create MIDI loops, which would be crazy. But you might be able to use them in some other MIDI software, if you want to consume MIDI from Rack, or want to send MIDI to Rack.

What linux distribution are you on ?

I’m guessing it uses pipewire, and some of those are alsa midi devices mapped to jack.

What does you session manager (qpwgraph/helvum/wireplumber) show ?

Once upon a time, there was a module (skrylar) in VCV that enabled naming of jack sockets - very handy, but the author didn’t maintain it, and AFAIK nothing like it exists in public for VCV Rack 2.

(old but still relevant link - ALSA and JACK MIDI explained)

I’m using openSUSE’s tumbleweed with pipewire. This is what qpwgraph shows -