MIDI-CV strange gate behaviour

Hi, Apparently, I get a strange behavior of gate with MIDI-CV module. When playing notes one after another (note OFF and ON very close), the gate does not stay high or goes shortly OFF between note OFF and note ON, but toggles as if note OFF are interpreted after note ON, showing the result below. I have Ableton live and checked the MIDI messages and it look good (note OFF-ON-OFF-ON…). As you can see, the Retrigger output behaves correctly, but not the Gate.

I patched in a midi-mon too.

4 x 1/4 notes in Ableton

I expect midi>cv to tie the notes together - but MIDI-MON shows that sometimes there are two consecutive note off’s.

The output from Ableton through a loopmidi cable into a midi monitor - shows the correct on/off/on/off sequence:

If I play C, C#, D,D# without pauses between them - midi note sequence on, off, on ,off…
the gate stays high:

Perhaps somewhere in the VST path, the timestamps are not accurate enough (and note on and note off are swapped)?

someone more clever than I can probably analyze it correctly / fix it.

Thank you @Jens.Peter.Nielsen for further investigate this issue. This is exactly what I meant. It is is really annoying when playing consecutive notes. I have not tried from Ableton with a sequencer, but I expect to be the same. Further on (even if there is the possibility to use Retrigger output and logic AND together with Gate) I would expect the Gate to turn OFF on every note OFF, even for a short time and not to stay ON continuously when playing consecutive notes. Maybe have it as an option in MIDI-CV…

I have sent an email to support@vcvrack.com, linking this thread.


Hi, I think that this is related to MIDI/CV clocking issue…

CLK/N divider changed to whole in the Midi to CV module fixed this for me, thank you!

edit - guess I spoke too soon. really did seem like it for a second there.