MIDI-CV Module - Notes stuck on


Is this normal? If I play more than one note then stop playing, the MIDI-CV module continues to send the note values. It’s like a chord memory. If I play the same note repeatedly, it resets. I can also right click and send a panic, but it’s not sticking occasionally, it’s doing it all the time. I first noticed this using the computer keyboard, but hooked up an old Radium master controller and it’s the same. Have I missed something really basic here? I don’t often play modules from a keyboard so hadn’t noticed this before.

Any ideas?


Yes it’s by design. When you set polyphony to a value greater than one it will output paired values for V/Oct and Gates (and velocity). The notes are not stuck because when you release a key on your keyboard, the corresponding gate will go to zero. Then you can use that gate in combination with an enveloppe generator and VCA to either sustain or stop the sound. In the case of sustaining it passed the gate, you need the right V/Oct, so having it ‘remembered’ by the MIDI-CV module is quite helpful.


Ah thanks, I wondered about that and it does make sense now. I think I had a few VCOs in a patch that weren’t going through a VCA, so they were just stuck playing the last chord the whole time, should be an easy fix.

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