Midi CC to CV Module Not Responding to CC Curves from Cubase

I’ve just set up a CC to CV module in the Rack VST plugin to recieve data from an instrument channel in Cubase 12. Cubase recently added a new feature whereby it’s possible easily to create smooth curves in the CC data - making it much easier to handle fades and sweeps and the like.

However, it seems like VCV is not responding to these continuous curves. It is, instead, jumping to the value of each node as the play head reaches them. I’ve confirmed this with the scope. This isn’t a huge issue - it just means the new Cubase CC curves are not available in Rack, so you have to do it the old way.

I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this. I haven’t done much investigating of the issue - so don’t know if it’s a Rack issue or a Cubase bug - or user error!

Try and right-click on the MIDI CC > CV module and confirm that Smooth CC is on. And otherwise you can smoothen the CC curves by putting a slew limiter after the output in Rack. Sounds like what Cubase is doing internally to get smooth CC anyway but that won’t be transmitted via MIDI to the outside world since, to my knowledge, it’s not a feature of the MIDI standard.

Thanks for the reply. It’s not so much that the curve editing in Cubase is smoothing the data with slew limiting. It’s more a GUI improvement, so that you can create and edit curves in the same way that you would with automation data, rather than dealing with the steppy low res CC view.

I’d assumed that the actual CC data isn’t changed, it’s just nicer to look at and to use. All other third party VST instruments and effects I’ve tried respond normally.

Ok. Solved this one. It seems, in Cubase, “Ramps and curves are not supported on MIDI tracks set to Any” So I set my VCV instrument track to a specific midi channel and now it responds as you’d expect to the curves.