Midi CC Learn in rack?

Hey everyone

I’m very intrigued by the idea of controlling analog synths like my Digitone and DeepMind 12 with VCVrack. I’ve experimented with it but only by looking up CC numbers for parameters and routing them manually with the CV-CC module.

Is it possible I could more quickly map control destinations with a sort of CC number learn module? Ideally I could just fiddle with a dial on the synth and a patch point in rack would be assigned to it.

Has anyone been able to achieve this sort of thing?

Yes. It’s in the core midi modules.

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Thanks for the replies

Will learning also work in reverse with the CV-CC module sending control out to a synth?

MIDI 1.0 is only capable of 1 way communication (in-coming), you have to set the CC on this manually. But what you could do is use MIDI-CC’s learn function to grab the CC numbers, this will save you the hassle of looking up a CC table. Still have to manually set CV - CC.


No, it does not work this way.

Gotcha, I’ll give this a try. Thank you all again for your replies :slight_smile:

I get my DeepMind 12D in a couple days and I’m really excited to use it with Rack. I feel like theres gonna be a quite a lot of exploring to do though!