Midi CC issue

Hello Rackheads,

I’m using the CV to Midi CC module to send a LFO to Unity (it’s a video game engine) via Loopmidi. But the result is very strange when i look into Unity. So I used the midi monitor from Stoermolder and i discovered that VCV send a CC message with the value of 0 between every other CC messages. Sorry it’s hard to explain. So i exported the log file from the midi monitor module and it goes like this :

[   225.7346] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7346] ch3 cc10=60
[   225.7643] ch3 cc10=60
[   225.7645] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7647] ch3 cc10=59
[   225.7649] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7650] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7651] ch3 cc10=58
[   225.7837] ch3 cc10=58
[   225.7837] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7840] ch3 cc10=0
[   225.7841] ch3 cc10=57
[   225.7842] ch3 cc10=57

Is it a normal behavior ? The thing is i don’t have this problem with Ableton Live when i send Midi CC to Unity. Thank you very much.

is that cc 10 decimal or hex, because 10 decimal is the cc for Pan

Yes, thank you, i have changed the number of the CC and it works great. Have a nice day.

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