MIDI and soft takeover

I am thinking about getting a midi controller (a novation launchcontrol xl) and would like to know if the MIDI modules support soft-takeover. My use case would be assigning knobs cc in different control pages and would like the values not to jump when switching pages.

This is what I would like to happen:

  • be on page 1
  • turn knob 1 up to 100
  • switch to page 2 (now knob 1 has a different cc, but its physical position is that of page 1)
  • turning knob 1 has no effect until cc value trasmitted is the same as last transmitted (0 at beginning)

Does it work like that? Are there ways to achieve that? A slew limiter would not be enough.


You can take a look at my MIDI-CAT module, which supports two different pick-up modes for situations like these.


Perfect, I’ll look into it. Thank you very much!