MID-00s IDM Patch with SplitterBurst Module

I actually started my journey into Electronic Music with this sub-age-genre. There was acts like mid Autechre, Ab Ovo, Access to Arasaka (the rest of Tympanik roaster as well) and etc. I mean a lot of rhythms, melancholic atmosphere, lots of bit crushing, downsampling, groove fluctuation but still musical. So I decided to take my own shot on this. Just started experimenting with SplitterBurst module and omg it’s probably the best burst generator in VCV Rack! Not only regarding good indication of generated burst but also for toggle control of enabling\disabling burst processing (but still gets the gates out!) end of burst control, burst multiplier and also lot of useful AUX outputs.


cool patch, i usually use count modula chances combined burst generator for that sorta thing but i might try this one