microtonal midi input

Hi, This is my first post here, hope my question is clear and ok. I’m using Opusmodus to send midi information to VCVRack but I don’t know what to do to get vcvrack play microtonal pitch sent by Opusmodus (mts). Is there some special midi module for MTS ?

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what is MTS?

I don’t know exactly, I just know this if the way OM send microtonality, some VST like VSL VI instruments or Pianoteq support MTS. I found this information on OM website: MTS is a specification of precise musical pitch agreed to by the MIDI Manufacturers Association in the MIDI protocol. MTS allows for both a bulk tuning dump message, giving a tuning for each of 128 notes, and a tuning message for individual notes as they are played.

But I made a test, I use host in VCV to host VI from VSL who I use generally outside VCV and I know it can play microtone and send midi microtonal info from Opusmodus via Midi-Cv module to host but it don’t play the microtones. I’ve tried also to send the output from Midi-Cv to a VCO but without more success for the microtones.

There are MTS modules, see ODDSound in the library - I haven’t used them.

Thank you, I will have a look.

Don’t mismatch MTS = MIDI Tuning Standard and MTS-ESP = a software by ODDSound. You need one of the ODDSound VSTs to properly enjoy the ODDSound VCV modules.



I see, thanks for clarification.