Microtonal automation

Hello everyone I’m having a hard time to apply microtonal scales on VCV. I’m using the scala quantizer since it lets me import my own scala scales and it works but with random inputs like turing machine, BUT what I’m really aiming for is to enter the specific notes I want. I works with my midi keyboard, but I want to be able to automate them. I tried the Entrian Piano for this but no sucess, I just had 12 notes. Please Help

What tunings du you use?

If I’m following what you are saying, maybe you need a keyboard mapping file too?

The documentation for this can be found here. I also have some documentation in a project that I started a while ago (but haven’t made much progress on it, but the README is OK).

I’m pretty sure the Scala quantizer supports it.

That may not be your issue, but it’s the only thing to come to mind when you say that it works with a MIDI keyboard, but not with CV.

yes keyboard mapping is useful in this scenario and scala is really good for doing that - although your mileage may vary depending on which synth you are using it with.

a simpler way to achieve this is to use Scale Workshop and reduce your scale to the required notes by going to Modify > Subset and typing in your intervals. The caveat is this will be a crude linear mapping and may not refelect the octaves in a 12tet standard keyboard, if you want more sophisticated then you will need to use scala.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: