Microstep/snapless sequencer!?

I’m looking for a “snapless” sequencer or a sequencer with high res microsteps. It’s impossible to make dope beats in VCV without microsteps and snapless. There’s so many good ones already but is there one with this function. Appreciate all the help!

I already know the workarounds with signal delay and swing modules. Looking for pure snaplessness! Thank YOU! Love.

The Entrian Sequencers (commercial, $30) have a maximum resolution of 1/96th of a beat, or about 5ms at 120BPM.

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Instabuy on next payday… haha not so insta but in a few weeks! .-) is it stable?

Looks very promising! Thanks!

@Squinky’ Seq++ has an option for disabling “Snap to grid”.


For real? Man! That’s exactly what I was looking for… T H A N K S !

Of course. But I see now how someone wouldn’t find it. There are two context menus, the normal one and a different one inside the note grid. In general all the Seq++ specific stuff is in that one. One more thing to add to the manual! tx for asking.

However, I should say, if you are using Seq++ with the mouse interface rather than the kbd interface you will be very, very sad. The mouse interface is pretty bad, the kbd one is (imho) pretty good.

The Entrian sequencers are really, really nice. Especially if you are making longer, non-generative compositions.


the Phaseque could be what you are looking for


As luck would have it, I’m working on a scannable sequencer right now.

(Good luck? Bad luck? Who can say?)


Not the best choice if you know exactly what beats you want to have, but my táncor can give you rhythms that are off the grid for sure!

Omri described the results he got from it as “wonky beats” which I think is quite fitting. And fractals are usually said to be dope so I guess it fits here :slight_smile:

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For creating grooves there’s a different approach available with this module

You can drive other regular sequencers with it and make them groove.
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For beats and $20 there’s also Entrian Acoustic Drums. Gives you the sequencer plus a really nice drumkit. Works like a charm.

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Yes, love Fence module from same creator. Need to read the manual on Swing, I will give it another try.

On my latest upload in my patch journal I used the -swing- module and kind of got what I was looking for. Thanks for the tips!

We just released our new trigger sequencer where micro steps are the heart of the concept:


oh man!!!

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MAAAAAN! Just watched the video - time to make beats!