Microhouse music in Rack

Here is a nice EP by minimal house - microhouse artist ALCI

What kind of module i can use to make these bleepy panned sweet-crackled sounds sequence ? :slight_smile:

lots, here some ideas

for the gargle thing, get a saw synth and make it pass through a band pass filter and use a inverted envelope to modulate the cut off , the envelope could be triggered for a faster turinng machine , the erica pico drums is your module for this drums

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I used particle noise on Plaits in VCV Rack for get texture of micro sounds on these tracks :


A good way to crackle is also to excite a filter through triggers. Noise Module -> Bernoulli Gate -> Filter. Adjust to taste.


of the
I tried this, wonderful sounds, thanks , adding a decimator gives you a extra layer of control

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