Micro Freak 3.0 - Noise Engineering

About to download the Micro Freak 3.0 update from Arturia with 3 new oscillator from Noise Engineering + unison and more. Did you guys see this?


Yes ! I’m super hyped to download it this weekend :smiley: . The new oscillators sounds nice :blush:

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Yeah man, I made this random sequence, don’t want to turn it off… Love this beast, have fun!

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Mine goes into Polara reverb from DigiTech but man I so want the Zoia Empress, any empress fans?

I picked one up over x-mas but not really delved into it yet.

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What a great stream last night:

I wanted to watch that stream, but the political stuff at the beginning ruined it for me.

I don’t care about your feelings :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect that you would.