Metallic Pinging sound with ADSR/Envelope


Every time I use an ADSR it makes my sounds pinging and metallic sounding, nothing like the original sound. I know there will be some changes but this drastic is really an issues for me.

I have adjusted the attack to remove some of that but still is there, same goes with the release. I am thinking like a kick sound or a long pad that needs to to end at some point.

Is there a way to keep warm sounds from getting pingy?

hard to generalize. More could be done if you shared the patch in question.

Notice how the notes changing without are nice and smooth, crisp but not pingy. That is what I am looking to replicate with having control of the length

try a slew limiter (like the befaco slew limiter) in between. even at values = 0 sometimes it had worked for me

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I don’t really hear it as more metallic in the “ADSR” version, it sure is pretty high frequency rich (no filter on a sawtooth will do that), but maybe the decay time is a bit short on the patch you shared. 100ms is a short amount of time to go from 100% to 50%, and it may be the “pinging” that you refer to.

Just for future reference you will often find that in the modular world people use “pinging” when they talk about a sound with (almost) no attack time, then no sustain time, just a rather short(ish) decay. We often talk about “pinging” filters, which mean that you put it on the edge of self resonance and push it by sending it a short burst of energy (trigger, gate, short enveloppe…), and it rings (if you use the right filter).

Back on your patch, if I were you I’d play with the parameters (longer attack and decay, higher sustain, release not to short either) but if you find it “metallic” then I’d try to put a lowpass, and maybe use different enveloppes to modulate the VCA and the cutoff.

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It is just so harsh compared to the origunal sound, almost hurts my ears.

If you adjust the volume of both tracks so that the peak level is the same it is not any more harsh, so maybe beware of your levels ?

Also in general beware of levels, specialy if you listen on headphones…

I’ll put together a more thorough version later, will a better explanation.

Pinging the wrong term but with a fast attack, sounds like a ping to me.

Where as just the vco alone moves from note to note writhing the initial ping