Meta Morph released

just released my (free) vcvplugin that allows for direct connection of Eigenharps to VCV, without any additional software.

currently for macOS (arm and intel) only, linux and windows may come later.

see video description for link to download/support. software is open sourced, again available via the link.

initially, Im doing direct distribution for a few reasons, rather than via the vcv library. I may review this down the line.


Congratulations getting it this state! This is a pretty darn amazing piece of work.

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Thanks, its a fun project.

I really enjoy hardware interfacing to software, and this has been no exception.

vcv rack is a good match for eigenharps.

the eigenharp communicate over a custom usb isochronous protocol (similar to an audio interface), this means they are high resolution (10-bit), low latency and high sample rate (~ 2k). this matches nicely the module/vcv basis of everything being done at sample rate.

resulting in an extremely responsive feel, and its so quick to throw together a patch in vcv and capture this.

what has also been interesting from a developers side is that I can really see (scopes) and feel the eigenharps ‘data stream’, making it a good tool to think about how to massage the data to give a better feel for users.

its also been interesting to see how I can ‘abuse’ the VCV jacks to squeeze thru data that cannot be expressed easily as a simple voltage, without having too many cables.

anyway, I look forward to exploring this more :slight_smile:

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