Meditation music

Hello. What are your favorite Plugins & Modules to create music for meditation?

All of them, really. It’s mostly a matter of how you use them


On most days I like to use plugins I’m personally familiar with to create ambient sounds (Vult, Surge, Bogaudio, docB, JW)

But on the other days picking a module or two I’m not familiar with (for example from the FD collection) will take some extra effort, but is often worth it.

That said, I think VCV Library - docB Pad and VCV Library - Axioma Tesseract are great ambient starting points.

random voltage generators, quantizers, very slow envelopes/lfos, utility modules…and reverb of course

I like to quote Omri Cohen:
" …reverb is life …" and delays and pads are fine

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My preferred module for meditation: Befaco Noise Plethora. With everything modulated. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If I must name a few: a slow and capable slope/env generator like Rampage, a laid back, randomizable sequencer like Grid Seq, Plaits for (not only) sfx and chords, and, yeah :arrow_up:, a noise source.

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Come to think of it, this is an excellent starting point, imho:

… and it strongly depends on the kind of music you want for meditation

long slow pads, natural sounds, melodic stuff, drum beats …

there are so many ways to meditate

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As a creator of commercial meditation electronic music for 37 years now, I can echo what Stephan and Urs said: pretty much any module can be used. It is difficult to pin down just what makes meditation music effective or not, but some of the most common attributes are that the music may sound relaxing, hypnotic or evoke imagery or emotions. Or the music might have subliminal brain-wave frequencies associated with deep relaxation or meditation. There are many ways. Including the sounds of crickets…

But, pads are good :wink:


But isn’t listening to any music some form of meditation? I mean, you can get lost in your favourite album, and feel like you just disappear. Regardless of the genre. Is that meditation? I wouldn’t know. I’m just curious about your opinion on this.

I’ve also heard about binaural beats and similar things, but don’t know if it’s all just pseudo science.


I think so. It is also a form of shamanic"journeying". I am a physicist, but I enjoy exploring subjective states of consciousness. I experimented with binaural beats tapes many years ago. They never did anything for me personally, but studies have shown that you can drive brainwaves with sound and light. But, we don’t have to attribute anything scientific to the experience of music.

Back in college in the early 70s, I would put on my headphones, recline in my recliner and listen to Pink Floyd’s Meddle Echoes LP side and visually and emotionally go on a journey to what I envisioned to be Mars.

In my shamanic group days, drumming was an extremely important part of creating altered states of consciousness.

I composed the music for a hypnotherapist to use on their guided meditation tapes. My home recording studio of that time was used to record a number of local metaphysicians’ guides in meditation, yoga and relaxation. For a while, there was a big poster board in our local new-age book store that included the pictures of two “metaphysicians”. One of those was the doctor of hypnosis and the other was me, the music composer and performer. One of our shamanic groups was guided by doctor of psychology who had studied under Milton H Erickson, the clinical hypnosis doctor of psychiatry.

So, I believe that there are a lot subjective experience mysteries than can be experienced and studied without having to worry too much about whether they are scientific methods. They are experiential methods.


Wow!! That is incredibly interesting. I would love to just pick your brain :smiley:. You definitely have gone very deep into this. Cool stuff.

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I love this!