MaxMsp RNBO VCV Modules

Hi, longtime Max user here and recently have gotten into VCV but have really been missing some of the more advanced modules / patches I’ve built in Max. My question is now that RNBO has been out for sometime is there anyone here or are there any modules in the library that have been made with it. I am not a programmer and have absolutely no intention of being as I am already on the computer enough as it is but considering purchasing the RNBO add-on specifically to build some VCV modules to bring my Max set into the Rack environment.

Would love to know peoples experience in building modules in RNBO and if there are any limitations and finally if there would be any difference in performance from a module built in RNBO vs just coded in C or whatever.

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Honestly, I’ve never used Max and have no idea about the efficiency of the code that RNBO generates, but I would guess a skilled C programmer could achieve the same thing with less CPU usage. That’s not the point though, the advantage is the convenience if you already know Max. What you could do however, is export your Max patch to a VST3 and run that in the Host-FX module. It’s not free but a very reasonable price. I’ve used PlugData in Host to run some basic Pd effects, glitchy delay and stuff. I haven’t learnt Pd properly yet but performance seemed fine.

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Hi VirtuaModular,

Thank you for the response and suggestions. I’ll checkout PlugData too, didn’t think of that as I’m less familiar with PD but it’s a similar environ so might be the way to go.

Also think I am going to forge ahead with RNBO and see if I can come up with some VCV modules for fun. If I do I’ll let everyone here know / doc the experience.


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Looking forward to hearing about this. I wondered about RNBO for a while and would love to hear how it goes for you.