Marshall Time Modulator

Hello again, here I go with another crazy delay style Box from the late 70s-‘Marshall Time Modulator’ from Marshall Systems. An analogue delay line with LFO and so many more combinations that could produce -Flanging, vibrato, chorus and crazy echoes, delays, all in a wild manner!!

Famously used by Martin Hannett on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer albums. Has anyone used one of these?

Any modules ideas that would be a good starting point for recreating this in Rack?

Marshall Time Modulator: In the Studio with Jamie Lidell | - YouTube

No o o o o o o o…

If I were you, I’d play around with Sckitam’s Waveguide Delay as a building block for this sort of thing. Who knows? You might find something that tweaks your nerd even more.

Thanks I will have a good with the Sckitam Waveguide Delay, should a few of them [3 is the magic number] produce the desired delay line madness we shall see?

I remember that! I think there was a guy name Marshall who made it.

Steven St. Croix

looks like an interesting device. About the only Martin Hannett joy division production tidbit that stuck in my memory was about the snare sound on She’s Lost Control

The snare was actually created by layering the sound of a Syn Drum; an early electronic drum pad, with the sound of an aerosol can tape head cleaner being sprayed. Before the days of Pro Tools or even reliable triggers, the spray had to be recorded live while being played in time to the initial drum track. Due to Hannett’s obsession for isolated recordings (a technique used to ensure there is no ‘bleed’ between instrument tracks) it is rumoured that drummer Stephen Morris had to play the respiratory blocking percussion while sealed off in a small recording booth.

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Right! Yes, of course.

Hello Jens and everyone else who replied. Does anyone know how to create a ‘double voicing’ fx using a delay line? Also how many delay modules can I use for a delay line without things getting silly?

The actual rack mounted MTM also used pitch shifting, on Marshall Electronic - Studio Electronics there is an mp3 of all the things it can do and probably more combinations. Please have a listen to that.

It’s a work in progress. It’s non-trivial to clone the MTM device.

not_MTM.vcv (14.8 KB)

The Intelligent Devices VST is not a 1:1 copy of the hardware device.

Here’s a screenshot:

Thanks for the patch, I tried the Bidoo sampler and it crashed every time, so I settled on the Nysthi Complex Simpler, that seems to be working. Not got the ‘doubling effect’ though. Maybe I will try some dialogue, see if I can make that work as a multi double.

not_MTM-Jens Peter Nielsen version-Nysthi version.vcv (18.3 KB)

That’s not the way to do the Dry/Wet control - I need to read up on approx 2400 modules :slight_smile:

I haven’t been successfull in patching BBD delay effects with modulated clock frequency yet.

The delays i have tried so far all sound strange, when the delay time is modulated.

Advice is welcome.

Not all delays feature “fractional delay”. Maybe the one you are trying doesn’t? A simple delay that does not have this feature will sound awful if you modulate the delay.

Anyhow, I just found the article where the inventor describes the device - haven’t read it yet.

Every “real” bbd can be modulated without icky artifacts.

Hello Squinky and Jens -I have got the set up to produce some audio-maybe not the best sound, a bit of pitch shifting and some noise. The original could do Flanging, chorus, echo and loads of combinations of those and more. Here’s the patch:

not_MTM-Jens Peter Nielsen version-AS Delay.vcv (18.2 KB)

Does this version do flanging as well? Just trying to expand the sound palette. Thank you very much for providing alternative patches. Much appreciated.

the “select” button on the SW3 module can be used to set the range of the Delay knob. Flange is probably in there somewhere :slight_smile:

not_MTM_3.vcv (29.4 KB)

Flange is usually a short modulated delay. Maybe in the range to 10 ms? Mixed the 50% dry, or to taste.