Manualy install plugin V1

I’m running Rack next to Rack 2. For my old Rack (V1) I’d like to install a plugin. The plugin itself is already available for V2, so subscribing to it only provides the plugin for V2. I have found a compatible version on Github. How can I now manualy install this for V1?


depends on your OS. On Windows 10 it’ll be in C:\Users<youruser>\Documents\Rack\plugins

these instructions still work, only difference is that the zip file is now replaced by a .vcvplugin file.



Thanks for the solution (and quick reply)!

Only if the developer has a V1 version as downloadable ZIP file for your OS, (unless you want to build it yourself).

You could download that file to Documents/Rack/plugins-v1 , start Rack V1 and it will unpack the plugin correctly.

Isn’t Rack v1.1.6 automatically downloads the latest compatible version (v1.*) of the module that you subscribe for in the online Library?

I think so… Let me give a try.