Manipulate modules programmatically?

Hi there

Can I manipulate modules on screen programmatically?

For example:

  1. When I press a key on my custom module some another module appear or remove on screen.

  2. Can I move other modules on screen from code of my plugin (left/right or onto another rails)

  3. Can I get access to current state of controlls of another module? I know the MIDI-MAP module can manipulate knobs and buttons. So is a way to get current led-indicator state for example?

I tried figure out whith it by myself. I learned how to create plugins. But after few days I still cant find answers on my questions.


Afaik the Stoermelder modules, especially the experimental ones in the PackTau, do that kind of stuff.

you beat my by 10 seconds! yes looks at them.

Maybe try to explain what you want to achieve?

I want to control position and state of modules outside of the vcvrack. Without mouse and maybe even without display, just by my own software. So, I think if I find a way to manipulate modules programmatically I’ll can implemet bridge between my software and patch as plugin for vcvrack.

My opinion: Don’t try writing a module, do a custom build of Rack with the modifications you need.

Why not a module?

Did you mean that impossible by closed rack api for modules? Or you mean that is just bad idea by some architecture point of view?