Making your own Polyphonic PAD synth voice in VCV Rack Tutorial

So while VCV Rack for DAW is coming it’s important to have a bit of knowledge on how to make Synth voices in standalone VCV Rack because some of us prefer a classic synth approach (keyboard input - 1v/oct, gate, velocity and etc). VCV rack has so many options to make a synth voice of your dream from scratch. You will definitely get a lot of fun building your own connections with amazing set of free modules! And in this video I’m gonna show you how to make Polyphonic Pad from scratch in VCV Rack. So if you have some interest in building your own synth voices, curious on how polyphony works in VCV or wanna get some fresh (maybe) ideas for your patches, please, check this out!

Good one, very nice result Artem! Thanks.