Making volume more even

Greetings. I have simple bass patch, as part of a larger overall patch, that I am playing from an Akai MPKmini. The bass part consists of the VCV MIDI/CV module into Nysthi’s TZOP in conjunction with BogAudio’s ADSR and the VCV VCA. It’s a very straightforward bass voice. When I play the keyboard, the lower octave is not as loud as the upper octave (I’m only using two octaves on the MPKmini). Is there a way to even out the volume level between the two octaves? Would a compressor help here? I hope this is somewhat clear.



Hi Ron, Just to make sure, can be that the speakers\headphones you’re using don’t go low enough so the bass frequencies don’t go through?

Lower notes have lower CV, higher notes higher CV. Invert that note CV, put an attentuverter inbeteen and use it to control your volume output.


It could be the velocity sensitivity of the akai, I have the mk2 and I usually press the “full level” button and the volume throughout the keyboard evens out. Try that…

use the BZMapper to map VCA actions…

(and BTW for the TZOP there is the TZEN, if you put it on the left of the TZOP, is already connected and doing VCA)

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Omri: thanks very much. The speakers are very good - JBL 8" series 3 (LSR308) - so I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem. Your response is much appreciated.

Everyone: thanks very much for your responses. I’ll look into each of them further.

Human hearing works in a way that we hear high frequencies much louder than low frequencies, in addition to that it is very difficult to get a good and even bass sound, mostly because of room acoustics (I for example also have good speakers but I can only hear full bass if I stand close to a corner of my room).

My solution is usually to just add a low pass filter and adjust it to taste, then maybe make it track pitch and adjust that until you’re happy…