Making Multitrack Recording of VCV Rack for using in Ableton Live

So in this video i gonna show you how to make multitrack recording in VCV Rack v1 with new POLY modules&cables feature! Also I will show you how to make a right importing the wav files into Ableton Live for matching BPM. But this way also situable for use it in any favorite DAW.
This is a really amazing way to improve your arrangement by using the wav files from VCV Rack inside your favorite timelined DAW as well as doing mixing and mastering there.

I’ve been looking for workflow like this, I’ll have to watch this when I get home… on the flipside, is there a way to send midi automation to Rack post v1 release?

do you mean from the DAW or from midi controller?

I’m able to map out my Oxygen8v2 to Rack to control some things, but I’d really like to be able to use the power of automation lanes from Ableton… or logic… or Insert DAW here…

I don’t suppose REWIRE is in the works for Rack is it?

PackOne in the library has a module called remove that can record automation for any knob or slider.

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By the way, using the setup from the above video, Logic can handle multi-channel wav files and split them to different tracks if anyone has Logic in their arsenal… but I think you have to drag it from the finder and not from the browser in logic to get the pop up asking if you want the file split. or at least that was the information from a post in 2016, that may be different now.

Hi, is it possible to make multitrack recording in VCV Rack v2 ?