Making interesting gate sequences

You can turn Clocked module on and off by sending a trigger into the run CV input

Perhaps a better and more flexible way though is to send your clocks into sequential switches and then use those to determine whether the clock signal passes through or not. It’s a useful way to think about things generally in modular - instead of turning things on and off, let them be on all the time, but put them through another module that controls whether the signal passes through or not. You can use this method to chain different sequences for example, or mute sections of a track at particular times.

My more.ideas module has some fun possibilities for rhythm generation. If you plug in a clock to the clock input, you can get up to 9 separate output clocks.

The manual explains how it works, but just playing around with sequencing the seed and/or rule and/or bit will give you semi-repetitive independent sequences. There are thousands of possible combinations for outputs and fiddling around to get cool sequences is fun. (At least I think so, haha)


if u need reference for IDM, i suggest Richard Devine (master for all modular geeks :slight_smile: ), there a few videos that he explains a bit his set up, and there are few ideas that can be done on vcv rack

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Hey guys,

getting the hang of this stuff. Just wondering if anyone knows of a module similar to a flip flop, except with separate on and off triggers.

Ie: if i send a trigger in the gate turns on, even if the trigger goes to zero it stays on. If it receives a trigger in the on, it ignores it and stays open until It receives a trigger in the off port. Flip flops are great, but i’m looking for things with separate on and off outputs.

SR Flip Flop is what you’re after.


Trigger in S turns it on, trigger into R turns it off