Making IDM patch from scratch with new Stoermelder

“HIVE is a random ratcheting sequencer with 4 independent outputs which run on a common 2-dimensional hexagonal grid.” - from the manual. As for me Stoermelder’s Hive follows Fugue Machine technique but in kind of weird but very interesting way. So you have 4 tracks that share same notes (CVs) but you can set direction and starting point for the each of them and more over inject another clock and reset control voltages too. Ratchets is another good thing of this module, it’s pretty fast to do and also each track has separate controlling for ratchets (on, off, amount of randomness) and voltage range as well. Next - Macro. For me is an awesome combination of attenuverter, offseter, midi mapper and slew limiter which none of us have seen before for sure! Easy to use, innovative right clicks on CV outs, flexible control over each mapping slot. And RAW is some kind of filter distortion. You just have to try it yourself. I found it good at making some kind of lofi gritty percussion. So in this video I made IDM like patch from scrath using two instance of HIVE - one for drums (only trigs output in the buisness) and another for melodic parts and of course used Macro and RAW as well. Hope you will like it!