Making Dub with 23 Volts Morph and loads of samples

Hello fellow Rackers, call me a philander or not but I have made my best Dub track using Samples, Free Afro Funk loops from Loopmasters. This was all done in Rack using 2 QuadSimplers and 23 Volts Morph module modulating a loads of parameters on Valley Plateau + Chronoblob delay. The samples won’t follow in the patch but any drum and trumpet samples will work. There were some after processing using Audacity Bouncing ball delay.

I’ll put the patch up here:

Afro Funk-Quadsimpler -Morphing Chronoblob.vcv (7.7 KB)

Audio will follow:

Stream Adrian Bottomley | Listen to Afro Funk Dubbed playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Further adventures using this patch, this time given a Brazilian spin. Another cut up, Morphed sample, this time from Samplefocus-Valentina produced the mixed vocal and rhythm sections and the others came from reinsamba_brazil on Freesound.

Stream Imaginary Brazil by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud