Making deep melodic techno patch with polyrhythmic arpeggiator module in VCV Rack


I’m immediately stealing the chord-key/8face trick in my patches. thx!


So, I tried the Chord-key 8face thing but I just think it’s easier to use the cv control to select chords and I wonder why you don’t do that?

it is about selecting but for automation you still need for something that would be selecting CV inputs for yourself you know. so that’s why I’m for using 8face. but recently I bought VCV Chords recently and this is even easier and a lot of options to automate chords and duplicating them, highly recommended

Okay. I used a sequencer to change chords last night and it worked pretty well.

I designed the CV input precisely for this purpose :slight_smile:

Each chord can then be recalled using the V/Oct voltages corresponding to the interval of notes from C4 (= 0V = 1st chord) to C6 (= 2V = 25th chord). With this range, chords can be recalled using a single note output from another sequencer in order to play chord progressions.


I feel a bit stupid about it really. I’ve been doing various things to try to make chords and your module was there all along.

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