Making cinematic wavetable chord pad in less than 5 minutes tutorial


Now that’s a really nice pad! I always find pads don’t sound as good when I sequence them in VCV, compared to playing them from a keyboard. I’m guessing it’s because the sequencers aren’t opening as many poly channels as the MIDI-CV module. Any tips on that?


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who knows, I think you can set nice ADSR times and overall sound just be “feeling” it while touching keys, it’s all about feeling organic of the sound and of course your tempo is fluctuating when you playing through keys so maybe it’s also the deal

There are plenty of sequencer in VCV that are fully polyphonic.

This is a fair point. I guess generating a 3 note chord by using for example a monophonic sequence and a couple of shift registers isn’t going to trigger the envelopes and filters in the same way as a keyboard with the MIDI-CV module set to 16 channels.