Making Arrangement in VCV Rack with Ableton Live! TUTORIAL

In this video I’m gonna show you how to setup connection between VCV RACK and ABLETON Live to make proper arrangement (arrangement by the scenes in this particular case) and control over your modular patch. That’s pretty simple to do with new CV TOOLS from Ableton and Strip module in VCV Rack by Stoermelder. Also there is my tech-house perfomance in the end of the video which is demonstrating this workflow in the real life situation.


this is really cool. and it can be done even simpler i think without the need of the ableton cv tools (so it will work then too with ableton live lite for instance) by using the stellare link module to link the clock via ableton link to live. i just did some basic test setup using a sonaremin for the vcvrack and ableton live lite on a mac - both connected via network. but i guess maybe ableton link can also link ableton live and vcvrack running on the same machine? for me its too late to try tonight - time to go to bed :slight_smile:

best wishes - hexdump

i have just verified, that it also works on the local machine to sync a vcvrack clock via stellare link to ableton live using ableton link running on the same machine. on the mac i used an iac midi loopback device to get the trigger tone from live to vcvrack and the soundflower audio loop device to get audio from vcvrack back into live.

best wishes - hexdump

great tutorial, thank you. I have tried running VCV and Ableton on the same Mac using the IAC virtual midi cable and it’s working OK. Not sure why using soundflower as suggested by @hexdump since I am getting audio back to live with bridge. I have patched each individidual audio tracks from a VCV mixer to single Audio 8 modules eachone directed to individual midi channels in Ableton with a different port in bridge and worked fine (tested with 6 individual midi tracks/vcv bridge ports). Those cvtools open a lot of new possibilities for me at least