Making a Microtonal MIDI file player

So Im trying to make a patch that can import a MIDI file (Im using MIDI PLAYER from Wrong People) and translate it with Poly Scala Quantizer into x scale and then split it in y number of signals to change the pitch of y number of oscilators through fm input (since I’m using LFOMultiphase {which is not polyphonic} due to its accurate multiphase hability).

I have a few questions:

  1. How many signals do I need?
  2. What frequencies I should use in the oscilators?
  3. Why am I only getting signal out of channel 2 in the MIDI player?
  4. How to integrate the velocity of the MIDI file into the envelope?

(It’s the first time Im doing something like this)

Thanks for reading/helping :slight_smile: Processing: Capture.PNG…Processing: Capture.PNG…

Here are the files:

Maybe apply the patch you made so far.

And maybe it would be helpful to provide the midi file that you use.


Ready :slight_smile:

Thanks for the files. Do you use Rack V1.6?

I can’t get this patch to work in Rack V2 because there’s no version of the WrongPeople MIDIplayer für Rack 2.

I would update to a MIDI player that works in Rack V2.

Here is a vastly simplified patch using Rack V2.

Microtonal_MIDI_patch_2.vcv (25.7 KB)

Hope this helps as a starting point.

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Yes, I use V1.6 because Opsyloscope is not on VCV 2. Anyhow, thanks for the patch , it helps.

How could I make this with individual MULTIPHASE LFO Modules ? I need an output signal that has 90deg phase shift per tone. (I’m using 90 deg phase shift in the Stereo Field, it is the most important part of my project)

Another option, I think, would be to wire a specific signal delay on the stereo field, per note, in order to achieve this. I had think about this problem for looong time, trying to resolve, without success.

There are other oscilloscopes that can do pretty much the same, e.g.

Here’s a patch with LFOmultiphase and the oscilloscope mentioned above Microtonal_MIDI_patch_3.vcv (26.5 KB)

The other oscilloscopes lack quality and line thickness controll (among other VERY cool features). Thanks for the help Very Appreciated :slight_smile:

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I ported the Opsyloscope to VCV 2. It is not part of the official library, and I can do only a build for Windows.

If you are using VCV on Windows, download the file ModularFungi-2.0.0-win.vcvplugin and put it in your plugins folder. Then start VCV 2.

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