Make our forum a safe and welcoming place to and for women

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I’ve been on the internet since well before the web existed and I can honestly say that this is the best, most respectful and most well behaved community I have ever belonged to. There is absolutely no necessity to add new rules, codes of conduct etc whatsoever.

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Reopening. Looking through this, it appears to be a reasonable discussion.

In response to the thread title, I don’t believe there is any new action to take to continue making the forum a safe and welcoming place. If anyone does not feel this is true, feel free to make a post identifying a problem and perhaps even propose a solution.

If you believe a particular post is offensive or unacceptable in any way, click the flag icon and optionally write a reason, and a moderator (currently only me but this will change in the future) will handle the post/member.

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I’m not sure what raised this short thread to multi-flag status. Human interaction can be messy. It’s often far messier than it needs to be because we are all flawed, ego-driven human beings with our own world views, likes, dislikes, etc. We’re not all going to fall madly in love with one another. Some of us are going to annoy the crap out of others of us. Just like in “real life.”

But hopefully, we will all strive to try to be kind, turn the other cheek, make allowances, etc. Hopefully I will strive to do those things, too, although I am more flawed than most.

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Thanks for reopening the post Andrew. I hope that it’s clear to people that I don’t find it offensive, per se, that we have a preponderance of men in the forum… perhaps that’s also the case with vcvrack, though that would be difficult to ascertain. I just think that a balance of men and women, and folks who identify otherwise, would be ideal.
The only solution I would offer up for this forum would be to suggest that you ask yourself: “Am I treating women, and others with the same thoughtfulness and respect that I habitually would give to another man?”. I came to a point in my life where I realized that I didn’t… and, honestly, was ashamed of myself. I don’t mean to shame you- I share this because I think most men mean well, but don’t really realize how good we have it.
If the vcvrack community is awesome now, imagine how cool it COULD be with a truly diverse, and honest reflection of the musical population?
Happy New Year!

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Hi Brad, the present discussion reminded me of a previous thread issued some time ago in the VCVRack official FB group, from which the majority of us come from. At that time I drew a related question about the infrequence of women thoughts or posts in the group. I found it interesting to revise it now, and maybe people following this thread could be interested too, just in case someone had missed it. Just to put things in context, and for the “sake of the history” of this community. Besides the various opinions, I think there are some pretty links in that thread.

Facebook thread

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Grazie Daniele! Sometimes there can be an alpha male kind of vibe in discussions… well… really more like discussions that become competitions… :slight_smile: (believe me, I know, cause I’m as guilty as the next guy)- Discussing, sharing… networking… great stuff… competition? arguments? those things, not so much for me anymore…

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and Daniele, thanks for the link-

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Competition? yes… Our global production model and society is informed of that. I don’t mean to say it has no right to exist. We can still see some sane competition in (some) sport, in games, in education, in contests, etc. Sure it has its value, but it has to be counter-balanced by collaboration and sharing and common efforts. Both have their place, though with age and hindsight I begin to prefer the latter argument, me too.

I like to think that a platform like this one is a place to build a common knowledge and let it thicken and mature. That’s pretty ok, but there’s more. We live in a world with a huge overload of information, and stimuli, nevertheless we can no more manage them as individuals. We will always live lame, so to speak. Competition injects reactions, but do not solve the trouble. A place where ideas are focused and open and intellectually lively, is a better bet for ourselves. It can better help to shape and organize our knowledge and memory, increasingly thick but more and more elusive, to help us stay creative and let things be meaningful.

Mmh, but I went a little further, didn’t me? I made… a Discourse! I’m seriously risking this post be banned into the category WTF! :open_mouth:

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these are the kind of posts that keep me away from facebook.

nice rhetorical question

we’re all very happy for you.

that would be better asked to the four to five hundred women you’re friends with, or was that another rhetorical question?

unless you can be a little more clear in whatever you’re referencing here then this is just pointless.
and now you can see why i don’t get on facebook. you are taking artists/musicians and with no regard for their work or talent labeling them based on a characteristic they have no control over which is asinine.

(Daniele Zerbini) #32

@keepitdolph You have your reasons, but the tone of your words is a bit rude. Please let us not allow this discussion to become an ideological or personal dispute. We are all perfectible beings. Can’t we simply comment a fact? or be restrained to a “sociological” curiosity? No one here hopefully is interested in labeling the human species.

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I dont get it…
is somebody doing something not appropriate against a woman here?
that the forum are you looking for is is Tinder perhaps?

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Why pick apart every sentence Brad said, just to insert unhelpful and possibly hurtful sarcasm, when he clearly meant well in the first place? I don’t think there needs to be any right or wrong finger pointing when people are just sharing their personal views in a respectful way…


while @keepitdolph’s words may be on the combative side, i do think he has a point. i get the impression that brad is looking for a problem where there is none.

we are a welcoming community, and @Vortico is doing a great job keeping it that way. i have found this one of the most mature, open, and non-judgmental online communities i have been part of, these last two decades.

if there are specific problems, then flag those specific problems. but vague accusations about “bro-ing it up” without specifics do no one any service.

everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender, skin color, ethnicity, sexuality, or any other accident of birth; regardless of political or religious affiliation; regardless of musical taste. as long as we treat each other with respect and focus on the topic at hand (the excellent software we have been given, and the music resulting from it), we will get along just fine.

personally i do not like lists of rules, and codes of conduct. as a teacher i have only one rule in my classroom. allow me to present it here as a rule to live by:

be excellent

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Well said @ablaut, couldn’t agree more.

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Okay, closing thread since this has become off-topic. If any serious concerns arise about this issue, please open a new thread explaining the particular problem, or flag the offending post(s).

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