Make Noise O-Coast & VCV Rack - First Patch

A few days ago, I got the O-Coast from Make Noise, and since then, time seems to move differently, in all directions… Man, this is a special one…

This here is literally my first patch with the O-Coast and VCV Rack. I have the BeatStep Pro sending a clock to VCV Rack, and also sequencing the O-Coast and a couple of more voices in VCV Rack. The O-Coast is then going through Clouds in VCV Rack, and one of the sequences from the BeatStep Pro is being sampled by Branes from the Geodesics collection, which provides the pitch information for the bass.
I have to say, from this one patch using the O-Coast I could already feel the power and uniqueness of this little crazy device, and its sound is mind-blowing. So many colors and textures…

the 0-coast is a great little machine, that would definitely be at the top of my wishlist (or very close), if i were to go the hardware route.

Yeah, it’s a piece of beauty…

@Omri_Cohen I’m really tempted to get an 0-coast, but I’m curious: what would I need to plug it into my computer and control it with Ableton? Just a cable, or some other piece of hardware?

If I only listen to my heart, I have it like that with the Dreadbox Erebus and the Behringer Model-D. By the way Ben, I have a feeling that particularly you would really get a kick out of the Dreadbox Nyx. Have you checked it out?

Well, in order to send audio, you will only need to send it to your audio interface, but I don’t know how it works with cv and the new cv tools Ableton. You can though send Midi to it quite easily if you have a Midi output on you interface.

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Thank you.

So, to send midi from my MacBook, would something like this suffice?

It looks like this will do the job, but I never tried something like this. Do you have a Midi out from your audio interface?

I don’t have an audio interface. I normally only use software (Live, Max/MSP and now VCV).

i’m aware of dreadbox and the awesome stuff they make. and then there is folktek, and metasonix!

i am just really hesitant to go the hardware route, because it would be such a money sink… and i can stretch it much further using software, which i get a lot of enjoyment out of as well.


Oh ok, then I guess this can work, but probably you’ll have a lot of latency because of not using an interface. Do you have any experience with other hardware? Maybe Midi controllers?

I have experience with midi controllers that just plug in to usb.

I used to have a bunch of analogue stuff that I connected to my Amiga with a home made midi to cv converter!

And you didn’t have any latency with the Midi controllers?

Not that I noticed :slight_smile:

Same here, my midi controllers are always plugged in usb and never noticed latency :wink:

Great! Then go for it :slight_smile: The O-Coast is so much fun, and it’s a great sound design tool. And if you get it, let me know how you like it, and if everything works.

@Olival_Clanaro - That’s weird because, from my experience, when not using a proper audio interface, there are very noticeable latency issues with using Midi…

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Even when turning the block size on the Audio module way down? Because that’s what the blocksize is for - lower numbers = low latency but higher CPU consumption, higher numbers = higher latencey but lower CPU consumption.

Honestly i have no idea why it works so well :sweat_smile: At first i though it’s because my gaming computer is powerful ( i7 ,16 gb ram, Nvidia gt1060) but the other day i used my controllers with my studying computer (old intel cpu, integrated graphics lol, 4gb ram). Either in Rack or in Sunvox there have never been any Midi issues.

Maybe it comes from the controllers themselves ? or from the usb that are faster nowadays ? really can’t say :slight_smile:

FYI i’m using an Arturia beatstep (original one) and a Yamaha Reface as my controllers, always plugged in usb, my Interface only does audio.

Also, many controllers only have the option of USB, such as Ableton Push.

Yeah, exactly, but from my experience, I could never use a small enough block\buffer size so there was always an issue with latency.

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