Make a small change, refresh your patching

I was feeling in a rut, stale patches producing variations on my typical output.

I decided to make a change, just a small change to refresh my VCV interaction and bust the rut.

I have been using the same 7 cable colours for years now so seemed like a good thing to change, here is my new palette.

  "cableColors": [

Not sure if it has had any effect on my “musical” output, but it has definitely reinvigorated my patching…


Cheers, I might nick that. Ever used Cardinal VST? One of the things I like is the default colours are much nicer!

I don’t really have any “problems” that Cardinal would solve, and due to my employment circumstances I can’t make my plugin or modules available for Cardinal, so I’ve not tried it.

It is extremely easy to change the VCV cable colours too… and feel free to use my list in any way you want. :art:

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Thanks, will do! I have VCV Pro so I don’t need to use Cardinal, but thought I’d try it. I quite like the way it syncs to the host software, but missing a few key module collections is an issue, and I’ve also got quite a few paid modules, so I tend to use both.

Biggest little change that lifts my patches, hands down, no contest, Purfenator. Just brilliant to have this as a module in the rack, thank you.

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Yep Purfenator is brilliant!

Dan, where are you updating that list? Just went to change the settings.json and remembered the folder moved to Program Files on Windows, can’t find an equivalent file. Duh.

For me (Windows 11) it is in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Rack2\settings.json

By the way, if you find searching for files on Windows less than satisfactory, then I highly recommend Everything - voidtools



Got it, thanks!