Made Drum Machine for VCV Rack VST with multiple outputs and MIDI processing by Ableton Live!

At this time with all free modules. So yeah. With VCV Rack VST Pro you can do many of things. Especially regarding drums and processing of them as well. The first thing is not pretty obvious but very good to use - MIDI processing. You can drive a sequence part in VCV Rack VST itself and then send it to any MIDI track and then get back right into this instance of VCV Rack vst again! Why should I do that (you’re asking me)? Well - for example, Ableton midi effects provide tons of smart randomization features that I showed in this video. So the second one - you can apply processing in VCV Rack as well in Ableton live and more importantly on separate tracks due to multiple output option of VCV Rack VST. Operating effects in Ableton Live is just easy thing to do in my opinion. So drop a reverb on hi-hat, than reverb on snare drum, fat saturator on kick drum and you’re all set. And finally group all individual tracks and apply some glue buss compression to make your room shaking and breathing with these drums. So lot of options with this kind of setup. Please leave some comments on what do you think about that below, cheers! :wink:


That sounds mad, wish I could get my drums sounding that beefy!

Actually HetrickCV exponent and slightly Vult Debriatus together with compressor in insert (and then buss compressor) in ableton do all that beefy stuff here)


That Hetrick module really makes a difference, what a great tip!


And if you would pair it with some kind of, well, envelope generator…