Macro Oscillator 2: Plaits MOD request

Hi. Ok, I love Plaits so much but…Is it possible to make a mod for Plaits? I mean I want a separate for vactrol(vca) and decay knobs from morph and timbre. And moreover - a cv control for those knobs. I’m not a coder so it’s just a question (and\or request if possible). Thanks.

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Audible Instruments is licensed under BSD, and so is Mutable Instruments’ firmware, so yes, that is okay.

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Sounds like something that would fit Southpole’s mods, even though they don’t have Plaits yet.
Looking at Plaits’ code, what you’re asking for should be pretty straightforward to achieve.


wow, that’s cool. Will be waiting for something from somebody!)

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This makes me wonder if actual vactrol circuits color the sound in meaningful ways. They don’t seem to be a general synonym for VCAs.