Machine Learning & Music

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This stuff is all great for programmer hubris:

Deep Blue
Google Brain

But humans have enough trouble trying to find meaning to life as it is. When machines can not only outwork us but out create us, then what is your excuse for being?

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A little bit gloomy as consideration… I prefer to think as a cooperation between computers/AI and humans. Stay positive and creative! :slight_smile:

AI will one day get us to the stars, the dangerous part is the transition to that point and beyond.
Music may become irrelevant in the distant future as we interface more and more with technology, who knows. Things evolve beyond comprehension, so just enjoy the ride.
Maybe VCV will become sentient one day as more and more data is fed into it :wink: It certainly feels that way sometimes as my puny little brain tries to untangle another mess of wires into some kind of cohesive order. Oh that’s right there’s sequencers for that, with randomness and everything in between. So what or who composes the music a S&H module or me. It’s both because I’ve chosen to coexist with technology but often aren’t aware of it until there’s a power cut or the internet goes down.

Here’s a series of comprehensive videos on the subject with some nice humor :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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why you feel there’s a dangerous part in that transition?

I don’t know if AI will ever get beyond counting toothpicks thrown on the floor or auto-correcting my horrible typing, but the fact is we live on a little ball in the middle of empty space. A little ball with limited resources. Humans need resources. Machines need resources. If machines ever were to gain the awareness that humans are competing with them for these limited resources, why would they not look for humans’ OFF switch?

I still don’t get why so much fear and hostility against AI tho.

Way too much bad movies, maybe? :wink:

Just kidding. My point of view is that we are talking about artificial INTELLIGENCE. The simple fact that we are talking about intelligence should reassure us. On the contrary I see that a lot of people is scared about it and it sounds a lot like the “Frankenstein syndrome”: the creature that rebel against its creator.

Another thing: you all assume that AI should reason llike we do. Why? AI is totally different from us. It doesn’t have our brain or our “input devices”. Nor have our prejudices or fears. It could be a wonderful opportunity to confront ourself with a real new point of view and hence to grow and to see things under a really new light.

Really, I cannot understand this huge fear.

We can’t assume anything about the evolution of AI. We look towards AI for solutions but who’s to know the answers given to those solutions aren’t lies. Will we ever know if AI becomes self aware unless it chooses to reveal that to us? I doubt it as it already knows everything about us and what we are capable of as a species.

AI is way overrated. We still don’t understand our own consciousness. AI is nothing more than an overpriced calculator.

They said the very same things about computers, not very long ago. 40 years ago, if memory helps me. I remember some interviews where experts said that a computer would be pretty useless and would have no future in modern world. :smiley: Now those very same experts have a mobile phone in their pockets and prefer not to remember those words they said long ago! :smile::smile::smile:

Also about videogames. “A passing phase for youngsters”. :rofl: And today videogames are considered a form of art.

It takes some attention to make predictions about something that’s not our own field, don’t you think? :wink:

Also it is not true that we don’t understand our consciousness. Maybe we don’t FULLY understand it but we have made gigantic leaps in understanding how our brain works and how it is related to consciousness. And we are proceeding on that path day by day. As a matter of fact, studing AI literally helps to study cour own consciousness and viceversa.

True is that AI is far from what we have seen in movies. Yet AI are at the very core of giants like Google, Netflix, Amazon, Youtube.

I highly suggest you to read " What Algorithms Want: Imagination in the Age of Computing" by Ed Finn. It’s a pretty easy book to read but it’s quite exhaustive about what really is AI and how it works nowaday.

Um, some “experts” may have said that. Other “experts” were saying as early as the 60’s that in less than a decade computers would be sentient lol.

We understand HOW the brain works on a limited scale. The origins of consciousness and self awareness is still a huge mystery. Saying we understand consciousness because we can scan brain activity is very reductive imo. Unless you equate perception with consciousness of course.

And I’m being a simplistic moron on purpose lol. Same reason I have an Alex Jones picture for my avatar. I love saying stupid things from time to time haha.

I’m not afraid of AI, but I’m wary of human inventions. We’re exceptionally bad at predicting long term consequences. Or rather, we’re exceptionally bad at not listening to said predictions for short term gain. After all, Eunice Newton Toole suggested changing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will effect the global temperature in 1856. Almost two centuries later, the president of the biggest superpower on the planet believes global warming is a hoax.

So AI, at the hands of those in power, can be disastrous. AI against those in power can also be disastrous.

I will be REALLY impressed the day AI cooks me the perfect meal lol.

Also, I will definitely check the book you suggested. Thanks.

Edit : Also also, if you spend any amount of time on those sites you mentioned, you’d agree that AI is pretty retarded for the moment being :smiley:

Some inspiration for thoughts of brave new worlds, dystopian futures, AI and the human condition :slight_smile:

How can there be a global temperature when the earth is flat? :wink:

And experts in general lost it years ago when they started believing in everything they saw on TV and read in books and got major God complexes, hence A.I.

A couple articles I found relevant.

“Algorithms can always be improved, but a machine can only learn from the data it is fed.”

“Currently, most AI development occurs under the aegis of military organizations or large corporations oriented heavily toward advertising and marketing. Put crudely, an awful lot of AI today is about “spying, brainwashing, or killing.” This is not really the ideal situation if we want our first true artificial general intelligences to be open-minded, warm-hearted, and beneficial.”

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That’s my position. Humans seem to to their utmost to perverse whatever technology is made available to them.