Machina Bristronica '23

Did anyone else go to Machina Bristronica this year?

First synth fest I’ve been to, was a really great day. Getting a direct hands on with certain modules has really changed my mind about a few that are on my wishlist (positive and negative). Also fun to fiddle about with some big synths that I will probably never own, the PolyBrute was quite nice.

Here is me in the background getting the in-depth on the Ostrawa & Praga mixers from Xaoc Devices :face_in_clouds:

Sonicstate have a couple of videos from the event, and I am waiting to see if DivKid uploads videos of the interviews he did there

Edit: Oh, I also got to play around with a SOMA Terra as well, very fun, and the Osmose Expressive E (I don’t have the keyboard skills to make use of it)


Confirmed, the interviews will be coming at some point :robot:

My video-bombing in this one starts at ~2:33 :wave: :wave: :wave:

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