Macbook Fans

Just something that is observed, could the future VCV Rack give information to macbook fans to increase fans speed so it doesn’t have to be turned on manually

There is a free utility that gives you a fair bit of control over what the fans are doing: if memory serves it’s called SMC Fan control or something similar. Also find the recent thread with the experimental Mac build of VCV Rack for some Mac performance goodness.

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This normally should be set and triggered by the operating system / hardware.

Anyway if it is useful for you, i use this application, it is on sale now(10 euro):

Yes exactly… thats why im saying for future to be triggered automatically not manually!

Yes , this post is all about this, just to avoid doing it manually :wink:

To forcefully trigger fans from any general purpose user application even if it is put heavy load on computer( like VCV Rack) considered forbidden practice, this is why no one is doing it.
Good practice is to keep responsibility separate, and fan speed or system parameters is responsibility of system applications and operating system, this is why there is apps like TG Pro that have access to temperature sensor and allows you to tweak fans in precise way.