Mac OS Sonoma and VCV Rack 2.4.1


I updated my OS to Sonoma and VCV Rack 2 (free) is being ‘slow’ to respond. Till about 30 mins ago, a right-click on the rack would mean the library opens up. Now, the damned MacOS wheel appears for a bit before it does. And when the library does open, I search for something by typing and the wheel shows up again.

I’m using the 2.4.1, macOS x64.

Any help would be appreciated (the absolute last resort: uninstalling Sonoma). Apart from creating music, VCV is a gateway for my anxieties and helps me unwind, so a resolution here would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 14.27.28

Overall, the Rack has become sluggish and slow.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve read a few times that many people experience macOS to be sluggish after a major update, because it does all manner of re-indexing etc. So if this was your experience right after updating that might explain it. If I were you I would just let it sit there for a few hours. Then shut the machine completely down, start it again, wait 5 minutes and then see how Rack behaves after a couple of times of opening it.

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Thank you, Lars. I’ll give that a go.


I’m considering upgrading to Sonoma. Did you ever resolve the sluggishness issue by giving your Mac time?

I avoid “upgrades” to macOS like the plague. Every one of them removes some feature that I like.

For instance, a few “upgrades” ago they removed the “Save as…” menuitem from the File menus, and added “Duplicate”. It was no longer intuitive which version you were working on. It was a long time before I found out that you have to hold the Option key down to get “Save as…” in the drop-down File menu to get it to appear.

After my last update, every time I turn off or disconnect my Bluetooth headphones, the Music app automatically starts up, playing some random tune. How is that an upgrade? I’ve not been able to find a way to stop that behaviour.

So, unless you have a compelling reason to do it and your system still does what you want it to do now, don’t upgrade.

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Glad I saw this. Experiencing the same thing. I’l, also try what Lars said.

I am very interested in updates from users that took the plunge, since I am on the verge, hesitating (and not doing it for the time being…).

Thank y’all for keeping us updated !

I updated to Sonoma this week (no urgent deadlines this month) and all good for software and my Macbook Pro M1

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The only ones not working (crashing Rack 2.4.1 arm64) since updating to Sonona 14.2(.1) are the Patchable Devices modules. Support knows about that, as they work fine on Ventura… All else seems rock-solid on Sonoma.


Adding to this thread in the hope that someone has solved it. Recently upgraded to Sonoma, and VCV keeps crashing. In particular, any time I open the library and enter any terms in the search, I get the spinning wheel. I’ve noticed that if I wait sometimes it eventually searches, but this is unpredictable and happens with each letter. I’ve tried Lars’ suggestion of leaving it open for a while so that it can index, but no luck so far.

How much RAM does your computer have? What other programs are open/running?

Sorry! Base model M1 Macbook Air 8GB RAM. VCV has worked perfectly for me so far before Sonoma. This is happening with no other applications open, and specifically when accessing the library. The modules themselves appear to be working fine (at 44.1khz with threads set to 1) so far. It seems that whenever I access the library it’s taking a long time to access the modules - when I scroll down in the library there’s about a 30-40 second lag in rendering the next row of modules. Sometimes it freezes entirely when I search for modules. I’m wondering if I need to delete and re-load my library?

Is it possible one of the modules is just taking forever to draw itself? If you do yank everything, I wouldn’t add it all back at once.

It seems to be all modules (i.e., they’re all taking the same time to draw in the library). I’ve tried slowly scrolling through the library so they all can render, then quitting and re-starting VCV and it’s back to the same process.

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Was that “upgrade” by choice, or was it forced on you without your permission during a reboot?

That happened to me, bumping me up from Monterey to Sonoma. At least it did not cause any problem at all with Rack 2.4.1 for me. (MacBook Pro, 2019)

By choice - I waited for a fair while before upgrading, and in general I’ve had no other problems (beyond VCV) with it so far.

For anyone else with a similar issue, I think I tracked this down to the fact that the VCV rack user folder is in ~/Documents/Rack2 and iCloud Drive often automatically removes local copies of unused files.

Try right clicking on the Rack2 folder and choosing “Download Now” and see if that help.

Elsewhere you will find many posts on this issue. Never, ever, let VCV Rack save patches to an iCloud folder. Usually this comes up on windows, where windows wants to do the same thing with its “one drive”.