[Mac OS] How to exit full screen?


in fact I use fn+F11 to enter fullscreen mode as F11 key is the volume control (with F10 @ F12)

here is a picture of the keyboard: https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4668/as-images.apple.com/is/MLA22F?wid=2000&hei=2000&fmt=jpeg&qlt=95&op_usm=0.5%2C0.5&.v=1496943596366



I reported this as a bug. Feel free to vote/properly comment there, but in the meantime I suggest you make sure you know your system shortcuts, and/or modify them if needed.

The bug has been closed because

“Rack v2 allows you to exit fullscreen by choosing “View > Fullscreen” in the menu, pressing F11, or pressing Escape”

EDIT to make it clearer: the bug report has been closed. The bug itself (the problem) hasn’t been fixed (most likely it won’t be fixed) in the current version 1.1.6 of Rack. It will only be fixed in the future version 2 of Rack.

The bug still exists on a Mac multiple screen setup. 16" Mac, 2019 with Samsung 31.5" display. With Rack running on the large screen, can’t access the top menus in full screen view, so View>Fullscreen is not available. Pressing fn to bring up F11 and pressing F11 moves to Mac full screen but without access to menus. Pressing escape does not exit full screen. The menus are not available with any of the those three suggestions.

However, with Rack on full screen on the smaller laptop screen Esc works to get out of full screen. And yes, remapping shortcut keys might be possible.

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That’s cool that it’s fixed in v2.0. I can live without full screen until then.

If you are on a mac, not having fullscreen is not really a big deal. the menu bar at the top in mac full screen mode is neglectable