Mac Mini M2 - Anyone using it w/VCV and Logic?


Sadly my Mac Mini M1 died…

So getting a new mac mini, anyone using rack with Logic on the M2? Stability? I had just got pro and the M1 set up when it died so didn’t spend much time with it.


(Yes I am staying with mac, I have too much in logic and work with 3 other artists who are all logic based)

I have an M2 Macbook Pro with 64G - Rack runs great. Much better than my older underpowered 2015 Macbook Pro that it replaced. I’ve never found a limit to a patch size (not that my patches tend to be super complicated - but I was always bumping up against CPU limits with the older machine). I believe that’s due to the processor itself - not my excessive amount of RAM. Activity Monitor barely shows a blip running Rack both inside Logic or standalone.

My only complaint is that when running in Logic Pro, the VCV Rack plugin window often fails to keep focus and keystrokes intended for Rack (e.g. the Inklen cable colorer or the Rack module search) instead gets delivered to the main Logic Pro window and interpreted as a Logic key command. VCV Support is aware of the issue and has hinted that it will get fixed in an upcoming release (:crossed_fingers: )

Logic Pro 10.8.1 Macos 13.6.4 (Ventura)

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I am using my 2015 MBP until I get a replacement, MUCH more limitations when it comes to Logic and VCV.

Good practice but will love using multiple reverbs and delays on things!

I use to run VCV in Ableton as a vst on an old (2015) Mac Book Pro, quite a powerful Mac. But it cooked the laptop, running so hot. I seem to recall someone on here quite a while ago saying it’s to do with how VCV runs its graphics on a Mac.

I removed VCV from my Mac and now I run it on an i9 processor Windows 10 machine, runs very well but still freezes and crashes Ableton from time to time. VCV rack’s vst is the only vst that I have that crashes Ableton. I think a new version is needed to sort out VCV’s obvious issues !

fyi - the older Intel Macs had a variety issues, mostly overheating. (And not just with VCV).

The newer “Apple Silicon” Macs do not have this problem, and are excellent platforms for VCV.

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Dang, so sorry to hear that. Any idea how it died? Motherboard? This is the first M1 fail that I’ve heard of. I have 3 of them with no hiccups.

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Waldo -

Apple couldn’t figure it out, it would pop up that it needed to restart once a week or so, then became more frequently. Got to a point where I couldn’t boot up without it having to restart.

From what I read it is a RAM issue, but the ram tested fine.

So had the genius bar reset it, tested fine and traded it in for a gift card.

M2 mac mini is on the way, will post updates on performance.

Anyone want me to test a patch to see how it does?

I think some ppl made some benchmark patches a while ago…

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