mac m1 vs i9-9900

Hi all,

I need a new mac NOW. It has to be a mac, so no linux Windows or whatever.

I have two options : a new M1 mac mini with rosetta, or an i9-9900 3.6 Imac with Radeon Pro 570X 4 GB.

Currently on mac mini 2018 3.2 i7 16 ram, and I am struggling to achieve what I want.

Thank you for your advices Chris

Hi Chris,

have you read this thread?

What do you want to achieve? Maybe this will help answering your question.

I mean I just need more ocillators and all! A 50% improvement upon my mac mini would fit nicely (to start)

My advice is: Get access to both machines and run your dream VCV patch while watching the CPU meter.

Have you considered buying a real synth?

Definitely the M1 Mac Mini. I expect that Apple will make the Intel-macs obsolete relatively soon.

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Have you tried looking for alternate VCO etc??? This can usually get way more than 50% improvement. I have in the past rewritten some popular modules, making them use three to ten times less cpu than before. Almost all of my modules use much less cpu than comparables.

try the diimdeep fork. it increases performance significantly.

I know you said you need one NOW but… If there’s any way at all of bearing it, I would wait for the new 27" M1 iMacs which are anticipated in Spring next year - I expect them to be a complete game changer when it comes to running VCV patches. But if you must buy now then I would go with the M1 Mac Mini.

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In my estimation you would definately get a 50% improvement with the M1 Mac Mini over your current Mini. There’s no future with the Intel Macs and the M1’s are so sweet, and as the thread pointed to says, with my own tests as well, VCV Rack runs very well under Rosetta2, so I’d say go M1.

Intel all the way. The real deal. None of this sad, wannabe M1 garbage.
An investment in proven Intel mac technology today will rise in value logarithmically once they are no longer available. Supply and demand. Sought-after vintage. No brainer. In double-blind tests VCV Rack running on genuine intel sounds much more authentic according to top experts. Don’t think twice. Or three times. Or once. Intel!

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