M1 MacBook Air + VCV Rack 2 + Rec + MPG

I’m just curious if anyone else is able to record videos of their patches without the app stuttering like absolute mad (like way beyond a couple of momentary clicks).

I’ve got the M1 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD so I think it should have enough power to continually write but who knows, or maybe I’m doing something very wrong.

Does anyone have this setup working? If so, is there something fancy you have to do (e.g. close literally ALL other programs while you’re trying to record, etc.)?

Followed a suggestion in another thread I found here:

  • Installed VB-Cable
  • Created an AUDIO-2 module and set VB-Cable as the output
  • Opened QuickTime
  • Set the recording audio input to be VB-Cable
  • Started a screen recording

Worked perfectly, and the resulting video is already MP4.


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Yup, or use Soundflower or Blackhole alternatively for the audio routing to Quicktime.