Announcing LyraeModules: Sulafat & γ Lyrae

(hopefully in the library soon)


Sulafat has exhausted the supply of hydrogen at its core, and so burns much brighter.

Sulafat is a wavefolder, and so will make your sound much brighter too!

Sulafat is a multi-mode wavefolder (and a bit more) with some internal modulation that differs between the two channels, with internal normalling of the left (top) input to the right (bottom) input

  1. Bypass
  2. Basic Wavefolder
  3. 5-level Quantized Wavefolder
  4. Tangent + Clamping (sorta still a wavefolder)
  5. Split mix of 1 + low-passed 2. Split is inverted on second channel
  6. Ring mod - uses internal LFOs if only one input
  7. S&H-ish creates some artifacting depending on the input
  8. Wavefolding + S&H + LFO mess. This one you just sort of need to hook up to a scope

There’s also an easter egg LFO mode, if the top (left) input is left disconnected the two outputs output the internal LFO’s. The left (top) output will be a basic LFO, while the bottom (right) output will be the two LFO’s ringmodd’d together.

γ Lyrae

It bore the traditional names Sulafat (Sulaphat), from the Arabic السلحفاة al-sulḥafāt “turtle”

This module will put a DC offset shell around your signal

Gamma Lyrae is a companion module to Sulafat. With nothing connected, the middle knob will generate two DC voltage, with one being the inverse of the other. The knob can be turned both ways to swap which side is going negative. If a CV input is provided, the knob becomes an attenuverter, but the operation is still effectively the same.

The main inputs (at the bottom) are normalled. These inputs are multiplied (ring modulated) with the center input. This creates two output signals with opposite DC offsets. This will strongly impact the signal fed into the wavefolding modes of Sulafat.


are these modules open source? I can’t find them in github.

The ‘DSP’ here is about as comically basic as it gets. Mode 6 in particular has some rather entertaining artifacts, which I probably could have avoided, but that was also sort of the point. Also, mode 3 isnt a typo, it’s not htan, it’s literally tan

EDIT: The one thing I’m actually the least sure about here is having the knob on sulafat be on a /8 process divide, given that it’s likely that people will want to CV it using μMap (like I did in the demo video above) but I really can’t imagine wanting to audio-rate mod the modes anyway, but even testing it it seems to work well enough at audio rate so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think you have hard coded a full path into your includes, so no one but you can build it: LyraeModules/plugin.hpp at main · VegaDeftwing/LyraeModules · GitHub

ah nuts, I thought I’d undone that before commiting. Gimme a sec.

np. there is also at least one typo in the readme (I am the king of typos, so this is kind of like the pot and the kettle).

is a multi-mode wavefolder (and a bit more) with some internal modulation that diffeers

Yeah, there’s a lot of them. I noticed when I copied the text over here that the spell checker in Typora (the markdown editor I use) had decided to not work again when I wrote that readme up. I’ll get them in a bit.

I know no one wants to switch editors (esp me), but the spell checker plugin I used in Visual Studio Code seems fine. Markdown plugins are pretty nice, too:

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I use typora for writing my website ( ) largely because it can render html, svg, mermaid, etc. all in the same view as the editor- the weird 2-pane markdown editor that’s normal is super distracting to me.

Were you planning to give it a shot? AFAIK nobody else has tested it yet, so I’m curious to know what you think

gonna kick the tires, but I have to confess I don’t really “use” VCV + modules (use as in “make music with”).

Hey, cool! I’m going to get an hour of drone time on Wednesday and I’ll check these out. Always up for a bonkers wavefolder. Congrats on the release!

Nice work Vega!

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Setting #5 of the wave folder sounded really nice in a test I did earlier. I’m going to have to come back this weekend and properly put that to use.

And the snippets of astronomical facts on your Github make me really want to see what you’re working on next.

Good work!

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I hadn’t even thought about chaining them until now and :eyes: this gets nuts. Absolute wave destruction

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I like wavefolding ^^ I’ll give these a go if i find some time :slight_smile: (will report here if i do)

Thanks for bringing new ones to us :smiley:


If anyone would like to follow development, I’m currently working on the next module over in

I’ve published 1.0.2 to github, which makes each of the LFOs in Sulafat accessible via the right click menu as well as gives control over the fold amount for the applicable modes. I still recommend leaving all the values at their defaults for most patches (hence being hidden away). This is a patch breaking change though, as the default values have changed a bit due to this.

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For those interested in beta testing, the Vega ADSR with per stage modulation is ready for people to try to find bugs Release 1.0.2 · VegaDeftwing/LyraeModules · GitHub - Win and Linux builds available