LV2 and VST3 Plugins - Which to choose?

Hi. There are times when I loose track of things. I google for help and my eyes glaze over from the results as I’m not technically minded in the area of concern. :biohazard:

But my question is along these lines - I run Linux only. When I look for plugins, say on falkTX’s KXStudio website I get spoiled for choice for LV2/VST2/VST3 options. As I understand it VST3 is an upgrade over VST2 (better use of CPU or something like that).

But if I had to choose a standard for my collection should I stick with LV2 or should I upgrade to a plugin’s VST3 alternative when available? :confused:

I’m aware that VCV does not support LV2 but I use other hosts like Carla.