Lua header undefined reference

I’m trying to include a Lua header file lua.hpp and I get undefined reference errors when compiling. Is there somewhere I need to define header search paths?

My makefile has a bunch of this at the top. Probably what you are looking for?

# FLAGS will be passed to both the C and C++ compiler
FLAGS += -I./dsp/generators -I./dsp/utils -I./dsp/filters
FLAGS += -I./dsp/third-party/falco -I./dsp/third-party/kiss_fft130 
FLAGS += -I./dsp/third-party/kiss_fft130/tools -I./dsp/third-party/src -I./dsp/third-party/midifile
FLAGS += -I./dsp
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but if it couldn’t find the header I would expect a different error. Are you sure this isn’t a linker error?

I have lua-src folder in the src folder. How would I reference this from the makefile?

Something like this?

# Add .cpp and .c files to the build
SOURCES += $(wildcard src/*.cpp)
SOURCES += $(wildcard dsp/**/*.cpp)
SOURCES += $(wildcard dsp/third-party/falco/*.cpp)

There are just snippets taken from my own repo.

I added :

SOURCES += $(wildcard src/lua-src/*.cpp)

Still no luck

I had success building Lua in my pluging a while ago! Never actually used it for anything, just did it for sport, but maybe this thread will have useful info? I’m integrating QuickJS in my plugin. I integrated them both with the same method as VCV Prototype does

Need to add a wildcard for *.c files since the lua source is all .c files

getting closer

All good now, just needed to have .c files compiled

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glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize Prototype existed, that was essentially what I was trying to create lol

Ya Prototype is about to do Pure Data too.

You need to compile Lua statically and then link it statically to your plugin in your Makefile. If you link to your system copy dynamically, users won’t be able to use the plugin.