Low Pass Gates Never Sleep?

Hi, Newb question coming up :roll_eyes:

Was playing with @modlfo’s Julste and @synthi “Dual Dual LPG” (DDL) when I noticed a continuous hum coming from my patch when everything was meant to be quiet.

I did a new patch using Slap as a ‘reference gate’ as channel 1 and Julste and DDL as channels 2 and 3 respectively. I noticed both on the Analyzer, Multivoltimetro, Scope and audio levels in my mixer that LPGs that the 2 LPGs were still buzzing whereas Slap had closed it’s audio fully.

At first I was going to raise an issue at the dev’s github but now I have to ask - are these two modules replicating an LPG’s real life performance ie they never fully close?


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it is wave produced by the resonance while sweeping the filter Cutoff. , self resonance, is it?

The range of the Gate signal goes from -10V to 10V where 0V is not fully closed. To make Juste fully closed, you can lower the Offset control which internally makes your Gate signal negative.

Use the Offset and Range controls to adjust you signal to your desired behaviour. If you want a much better LGP, try Vult Nurage.


Hi, I rewired my test patch to simplify things. Yes, Julste in Lowpass mode and Offset turned fully CCW there is no signal anymore causing the low buzz.

But when in VCA mode I get the buzz though it’s a now much reduced signal.

I can live with this as I’m just experimenting :smile: Thanks.

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Hi, I would guess not as I have resonance turned all the way down.

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