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My first lil’ foray into the big 2.0.

Started out with the beta when the module library wasn’t hooked in yet, so it simply became me, myself & the fundamentals. Which I didn’t mind at all, these plugins have been revamped enough to warrant exploring them on their own.

Nice to see the buzz within the community forum. With all the techy threads on the go and a good chunk of you gone off to your favorite DAWs to play with your new PRO toy, sharing a patch at this point feels a bit akin to that tree falling in the forest :slight_smile: But hey, if you’re listening, enjoy this hot mess sprayed with occasional glimpses of goodness!

Patch notes for the above post
(meant to include them back then but life got in the way and time got away)

Gating clock signals :
Nothing new to version 2.0, probably a technique known by most and used by some, but it’s worth boasting its merits. It was widely used in this patch for the rhythmic tracks, where you basically have two square LFOs working in tandem, one providing the steady clock signal (with the PW brought all the way down), and the other running out of sync from the first, acting as a gate (when paired up with a VCA) for those incoming triggers.

gating clock signals

I like the flexibility this approach can give you, such as resetting the gating LFO on steady intervals to give you repeatable patterns. My favorite aspect is adjusting/modulating the gating LFO’s PW value, which will narrow or widen the window where that clock tick can travel through, thus easily allowing your rhythms to go from sparse to busy and vice versa.

But if you like to have control over where each hit is going to land, maybe this one is not for you. Changing the gating LFO’s FREQ will shift those windows around, letting through a new pattern. Remains to be heard if you’ll end up with the catchiest phrase ever or a dud.

"Bass drum" :
Get that VCF to self-oscillate by cranking the RES all the way up and modulate the cutoff frequency with snappy envelopes. You’ll end up in pew-pew sci-fi territory in no time!

bass drum

Track 5 - mid-frequency drone :
Straightforward enough, grabbing all the CV outputs from two SEQ 3 (a 5-step one and a 7-step one) to create a 6-note chord going through the polyphonic WT VCO. The resulting audio signal is then fed to a high-feedback short delay, producing my preferred sound within this piece

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Sometimes it feels right to assault one’s own auditory sense :scream:

Mind your volume please
A noisy affair awaits
Those who venture forth

Main module (or at least helped lay the groundwork from the very beginning)

Patch Notes
One detail that I appreciate in this patch is how the panning effect is setup for tracks 4 & 5. A simple saw wave from an LFO is alternating the mixer’s pan from side to side. However, this LFO won’t budge unless you hear those noise outbursts triggered by Bogaudio’s RGATE (otherwise a value of 0V is sent to the FM input, effectively stalling the oscillation). The longer the gate, the better the chances are to resuming the LFO to its original speed, as the gate is passing through an ADSR with a sloping attack. So the busier these tracks are, the faster they’ll be bouncing from hard left to hard right.

Pleased to present my newest patch “hiss call”, an atmospheric composition in E♭ minor cycling 3 different chords throughout. A somewhat sprightly first section which drops to half-tempo into sparser, more contemplative territories. Really happy with the Surge outro, love what it brings to the conclusion of this piece.

This is a self-playing patch (starts automatically after a 7-second delay). The overall framework of this song is fully planned but most of the activity within each scene is Bernoulli’d extensively.

This will show you the patch “in action”, even though I’m not interacting with it at all :hugs: :

The patch can be grabbed here. Feel free to reuse, repatch, remix, etc.


I think,nowadays,“Hiss” is a technique to place sound above the head_ can also be a continuous sound

No doubt you are correct about this. My choice for “hiss” in the title is quite arbitrary and is more of a play on words in my mother tongue :slightly_smiling_face: But also a bit of a tie-up with the “air leaks” and “choir-like drones” layers in this piece.

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Very cool track. Love the texture.

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